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Hello and welcome to my poetry blog. I have been writing poems for years but have only started to share   my words publicly. I truly love writing and hope that you enjoy reading my work! Thank you for visiting X

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It exists because it captures a song in your soul

Creating an indelible form of undulating planes

Between the bittersweet sadness, elation & pain

Vaporising pleasure from the heat that remains

A delicate, edifying butterfly of emancipation

This is all yours, an unfeigned creation

feathers + stone


You search for that perfect little place where you belong
A balance between the small cold island
And the giant undulating continent
That lush, chaotic land
Where the heat and the sounds and heady scents cling to you like you were born to it
But the lady at the market selling bangles and beads teases the way your tongue wraps itself around the language of your mother
(You paid far too much for that artwork and the coral that now crowds your wrist)
And when you return to the place where you cut your teeth and grazed your knees
You are never completely appreciated
Sometimes appropriated
Occasionally less than
Oh but I was born here
But where are you truly from?
I’m an African
No way, you don’t sound like one
You don’t look Nigerian
Men that offer up that line expect you to act coquettish and flirt
Oh honey I’m too proud for that
You flick your hand
Turn your head
That exasperated breath
Acknowledging you’ll always be caught between what was and what is

The dichotomy of your identity


Whispers To A Goddess

See yourself as a Goddess my darling

Appreciate your mind

Believe in its unique way of thinking and creating and provoking

Adore your wild, wild hair

And the wild way your wonderful heart loves so hard

Marvel at the soft waves created by your breasts and hips and sway

The way you bless each day at dawn, leaving it contended at dusk

If someone doesn’t value how magic you are, be so busy reveling in your own wonder

That you don’t have time to notice

Sooner or later they will realise you were gold and glory and greatness

A Goddess in tune with her own magoc

Impossible to hold down


You pour a never-ending supply of nectar upon those that need it

And give them so much softness

They crave more

You offer it up, so generously, that sometimes they mistake this for weakness

It’s not an Achilles heel, my darling, nor a fatal flaw

To want to heal

To want to love

To have the strength to carry someones heart in your hands because the rosebuds that fall from your lips make them comfortable enough to share with you what makes their soul ache

That softness and nectar healing the hurt

But remember this sweetness is meant for you too, my darling

Give yourself the same nectar and softness if they leave

If they cause you pain

They needed you for healing

Because not everyone has learnt how to replenish their own well the way you have

Through peaceful solitude

Through prayer

Through dreaming in the light and the dark

Through choosing to be happy

You are your own sweetest asset


Gilt Edged Chrysalis

You are a gilt edged chrysalis

Emerging anew from each experience

With tiny fragments of broken heart scattered through you by the wrong love affairs

The absence of great loves that have left this world

Borne of the tears spilled when you’ve felt true pain

Embalmed by moments that brought you unbridled happiness

And from the joy of pleasures unexpected

You are a gilt edged chrysalis

Adorned by the stretch marks that race and swirl around your hips and thighs

By the pull of gravity

By the lines that denote moments and emotions, so significant that your face captured them forever

You are gilt edged

By the constant chrysalis of a life so individually bittersweet and golden


He tied knots in my heart so easily
Twisted with silken kisses
Sweet satin lies
And cotton candy chemical highs
Too tight
To be undone
Until you made them
Fray and unfurl
My heart
A little crushed and torn by his careless hands
Still beating quiet
Not beaten quiet
Fragile but…
Reinforced by your carmine threads

Gentle Riot

Never shrink yourself to make the world more comfortable

Your radical soul should never be hemmed

But its sound shouldn’t hurt like white noise

Be a gentle riot

Rise up like a gentle storm

And push boundaries

With honey and lavender

Make waves that lap the shore

Edging against the grain

In a way that mesmerises the minds of others

A kind hearted radical

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